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Economic Development Incentive Services

Strategic Growth Group assists communities in attracting economic development by providing a thorough and objective analysis of the existing economic development incentives that are in place. We then compare your community economic development incentive program with other competitive communities on a regional and national basis. We analyze available, ever changing state and national incentives that will compliment your community incentive program. We then make recommendations and take action to bring new business development to your community. The end result is new jobs are created and tax revenues are increased for your community.

Our unique approach to creating economic development opportunities for your community is that we charge a significantly below market base consulting retainer with the expectation that the majority of our fee will be realized on successfully procuring new business development in your community. In some cases, we are able to collect our success fee from the businesses that we are attracting, thereby minimizing or eliminating the cost to the community.

Our principals have been real estate developers for over 30 years, which is why we can offer a unique perspective to attract new business to your community. We also provide debt and equity capital resources to new businesses as an additional benefit to maximize our success rate.

Our economic development incentive services include:
  • Bond Placement
  • Capital Financing Guarantees
  • Corporate Income or Employment Tax Rebate
  • Empowerment, Enterprise or Other Special Zones
  • Energy Cost Reductions
  • Environmental Remediation Grants
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Incentives Administration
  • Incentives Negotiation
  • Industrial Development Bond Financing
  • Infrastructure Grants or Loans
  • Interest Rate Subsidy
  • Local, State and Federal Tax Credits
  • Location Selection
  • Low Interest Rate and Subordinated Loans
  • Market Review and Recommendation of Action Plan
  • Meet Strategic Goals
  • Mortgage Recording Tax Abatements
  • Public Sector Equity Investment
  • Real Estate Tax Abatement
  • Recovery Zone Economic Development Bonds
  • Sales Tax Abatements
  • Subordinated Loans
  • Subsidized Housing Programs
  • Tax Credits
  • Tax Increment Financing (TIF)
  • Training Credits Grants

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