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guiding principles

SGG is dedicated to the following core values and guiding principles:
  • Our mission is to create value by developing outstanding retail, hotel and resort properties through superior strategic planning, design and construction. We maximize profitability through a dominating sales and marketing program, top-notch management staffing and careful control of operational costs.
  • We are innovators in our field. Excellence requires our commitment to constant innovation and the accepting of Best Practices in all aspects of our business. Success is measured by delivering superior results and uncovering opportunities others left behind.
  • People are our most valuable asset. We must attract, inspire and reward talented and motivated people and provide them with a supportive environment.
  • Integrity without compromise. We will only accept the highest moral and ethical standards.
  • We have a relentless and strong work ethic. Obstacles to success are inevitable: We have pride in the quality of our work. We will continue to lead our industry through creativity, innovation and teamwork.
  • We make efficient use of our time. The SGG team doesn't just work hard, we work smart. We seek to play our role flawlessly so that others can always rely on us.
  • Commitment to one another. We are dedicated to continuously improving.
  • Our principals have a proven track record of success and have a focused vision for achieving results.

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